"Why does a good man do bad things?"

  • Choreography:

    Ross Freddie Ray

  • Music by:


  • Set Designer:

    Otto Bubenicek

  • Costume designer:

    Srdjan Peric

  • Lighting designer:

    Konstantin Binkin

"We often see how a system breaks a person, a thoughtless crowd suppresses its best qualities in it. But how does this happen? Why does a good man suddenly start doing bad things? Let's try to remove the mask and see what happens inside of it."

"Fraudulent smile is reflection on the interaction of virtue and childish naivety with seductive evil and destructive pretense. The story of the dual nature of society, told by eight artists on stage, is essentially the tragedy of one, an outsider, a man fighting, but gradually losing the desire to fight."

Ross Freddie Ray: "As I worked a narrative emerged quite naturally, with a sinister, seductive, charming character controlling the rest; an evil manipulator. It is loosely based on the character of Emcee from the musical theatre show Cabaret, a figure I found quite terrifying when I was a child."