To love, luck and romance. To friendship

‘I still pinch myself daily, yet hoping not to wake from this R&J collaborative dream. I have always wanted to work with these artists, and what they have created together is beyond even my wildest dreams. Creating this on Alina and Sergei, has been a mind-blow-ing dream come true, and what they have brought to the process from day one has been nothing short of an inspirational revelation. What an honour. They together with the entire cast has made this journey a truly memorable experience for me, and they have blessed me and the production with true dedication every single step of the way. With immense gratitude and respect I thank Sergei for believing in this idea and project. For giving me absolute artistic freedom and for injecting all his passion and energy into making this milestone in our creative lives happen. Dreams do come true, people do meet, and those who are supposed to, will create together, just like those who are supposed to love will love. A truly personal production, and testament of passion and love from all involved.
A Romeo and Juliet for my Morningstar.’

– Johan Kobborg, Director and Choreographer.

Johan Kobborg

Choreographer and Director

Sergei Prokofiev


David Umemoto

Set Design


Costume Design

Konstantin Binkin

Lighting Design