Into the dark forest we go...

A fascinating retelling of the classic fairy tale by Charles Perrault and The brothers Grimm. This story has been adapted by Ross Freddie Ray who also Directs and Choreographs this show.

‘This story is set in a very isolated forest town that does not allow outside visitors and forbids its people of leaving the forest except for the few hunters and wood cutters. The town has a very strict dress code in order to stop the development of class systems, everyone in this town is equal and in no way will that be broken. So when a 19 year old Little Red discovers a mysterious yet beautiful box on the edge of town with a breathtaking, glimmering red cloak inside, a series of events are started that leads us deep into the forest and into the arms of The Wolf. The question is, who will save her?
I really wanted to create a show that was suitable for children but not so childish that an older audience couldn’t watch. There is Love, there is fighting and as always there is a lot of fun.’
Ross Freddie Ray – Director

Kirill Richter


Ross Freddie Ray

Choreographer and Director

Dmitry Loginov


Otto Bubenicek