What is BREATHE?

BREATHE — is a media project about the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, that combines classical ballet and electronic dance music.

Each one of us is surrounded by different sounds - be that the sound of a big city, birdsongs, applause for medical workers from neighbour's windows, or even our own breath.

We ask you to record these sounds and post a video on Instagram using hashtag #MIR2THEWORLD.

By combining these sounds and bringing them together, we will create a unique musical composition that will accompany a new dance by Sergei Polunin.


BREATHE is not only a thousand of everyday sounds intertwined to create music — music of the World. It is millions of people all around the globe — different but united by art.

It is how life sounds - all around our enormous planet.

Breath of the world, its rhythm.

BREATHE is a border — end of an old world and birth of a new one. It is a hymn of people who are paralyzed by the fear of the unknown — a hymn that will unify them around art and universal love.

What is our GOAL?

BREATHE is launched as a reminder: no matter how big and diverse our world is, we are all part of it as a whole.

We want people to believe that unity will lead us to a better world. What will it be like? No one knows, but its future depends on us.

Together we will breath in a fresh, clear air.

Let the sprouts of this hope emerge all around the globe

Symbol of a NEW WORLD

BREATH CAPSULE is a set for growing a Myrtle Tree -
symbol of peace and eternal love.

Myrtle is evergreen. Its leaves purify the air all year round; its fabulous white flowers have been used as wedding decorations for centuries.

Myrtle reaches up to 1.5m in height, so you can plant it both in your house and outside.





• 3 seeds of Myrtle tree;

• 1 tube with soil;

• 1 tube with natural fertilizer;

• 2 wooden sticks for mixing fertilizers and planting the tree;

• 1 digital document with instructions on planting the tree (available in English, Spanish, and Russian).

Package of BREATH CAPSULE is used as a container for planting the seeds.
It is biodegradable.

of income from purchases of the capsule will go to charity work
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Price: 25€
Total: 25

Team of the


Ballet dancer, actor


Sergei Polunin is a dancer, multimedia artist and a young father. His latest projects encompass the energy of collaborations between various artists - musicians, designers, writers and cinematographers. Sergei believes that during uncertain times of isolation and universal panic, it is vital to support each other and team up in creation of new forms of art and life.


Choreographer, dancer and artist


Graduate of the Royal Ballet School, Jade performed at private events for Her Majesty the Queen of England. He сooperated with many artists, such as David LaChapelle, Sergei Polunin, Kyle Allen. Jade has his own production company HaleChristofiStudios that aims to change the perception of art in the world and bring inspiration to everyone. Worked as a choreographer for the clip to the song “Take Me to Church” by Hozier, with over 20 million views on YouTube.

DJ Shaan

DJ, electronic music producer

As the #1 DJ and Electronic Music Producer in India, SHAAN is the ‘India Story’. 
At just 15 years old, he debuted at the Sunburn Goa Festival. He was the first Indian DJ to play the Main Stage at Ministry of Sound and at Tomorrowland. Now just 25 years old, he is currently paving the way for the new, young India (600 million under the age of 25!), by being the first Indian to be signed with Virgin Records in London and now, Casablanca records, a subsidiary of Republic Records, which represents artists like Ariana Grande, Drake, Taylor Swift, Post Malone and Tiesto. His releases often reach the #1 most streamed slot on Spotify and he is India’s Most Followed DJ. 

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